RPO Services

Integra RPO optimizes Direct Placement, Executive Placement and skilled Talent Acquisition Strategy with an in-depth customized process alignment. Through this unique and detailed method, the Integra RPO team brings expertise and extensive experience to supplement your current organizational Talent Acquisition Strategy. The Integra RPO team will manage your entire recruiting strategy from position profiling and research, through the final steps of the candidate on-boarding process. Integra bases their performance scorecard on the quality of placement, time-to-hire, client cost-savings and various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are agreed upon with each client. Our team of dedicated professionals become an extension of your internal team creating transparency throughout your organization and multiple divisions and locations. Our customized client process allows us to be flexible to meet the needs of project based, season and on-site hiring.


Customized RPO plan to fit each client’s uniqueness. Most RPO companies need high-volume and have one solution for all clients. Not Integra RPO. We specialize in completely understanding your talent acquisition goals and strategy and partner with your internal team to meet your objectives. There is no RPO client to large or too small!

60 day planned timeline with dashboard indicators for success. Our “build team” works simultaneously with our recruit team so there is no time lost during the customization of key components.

Partner with client to drive traffic to website via press releases and SEO placement

Define trends and effieiencies

Key Point Indicators, Dashboards and agreement on Scorecard metrics are key to our partnership and deliverables

Complete reporting and statistical analysis (time-to-fill, traffic to website, cost savings and various other agreed upon statistics))

Complete company-wide communication and rollout of the RPO

Partner with client to drive traffic to website via press releases and SEO placement

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Provide market intelligence based upon competitors, industry norms and current events

Interface and run clients career portal with real time update

Provide talent directory for all future high performers shared throughout the client’s various locations

Dedicated hiring team that is an extension of your internal process

Consistent message throughout the organization for hiring

Hiring Manager intake call and technical skill evaluation created for each position

Schedule all phone and on-site interviews via integrated calendars

Internal Human Resources protocol followed and insured before recruitment starts with various Hiring Managers (in example: requisition signed by appropriate decision maker, various agreed upon criteria)

Weekly Status Calls for all divisions and locations via web conferencing for full transparency of Key Performance Indicators (in example: open positions, number of days open, positions filled, time-to-fill)

Work with relocation companies for candidates that will need this assistance

On-site services

3rd party management of additional staffing companies and mark-up negotiation

Project based and seasonal staffing